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Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Monkey)
Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Monkey)
Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Monkey)

Sell Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Monkey)

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Specification of Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Monkey)

Shio is a Chinese zodiac that uses animals to symbolize the year, month and time in Chinese astrology.

According to Chinese belief, people who have zodiac shio are believed to be smart, clever, eccentric, and sociable.

Art Making souvenirs made of crystal-glaze materials:
Crystalline materials used as basic materials, through the process of glaze, combustion and so on are made of art products that are beautiful and transparent colors.This is the way of making goods specifically used by the ancient Chinese emperor family, is also one of the seven kinds of mustika Buddhist.

Suitable for decoration or home / office decoration. In addition, it can be used as a souvenir or gift for friends, relatives, or business relations

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Condition: New
dimensions: 8.7 * 8.7 * 11.5cm / 87 * 87 * 115mm
Material: crystal glaze
packaging: red box, red ribbon, and paper bag.

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