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Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Dragon)
Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Dragon)
Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Dragon)

Sell Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Dragon)

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Specification of Crystal Craft Return Coloured Glaze Zodiac (Dragon)

 COLOURED GLAZE-CRYSTAL CHINESE ZODIAC elegant. 2. the 3-dimensional Art with cutting smooth, detail, and detail in each is getting, in order to produce perfect work. 3. Using the Crystal mines of Glaze (glass-best of China) as the raw material manufacture of this product. 4. Through the process of COMBUSTION with temperatures reaching 1000 C and joined time-hours to created a very beautiful colorful and transparent. 5. Polishing: this process is performed repeatedly reworked so that the end of the process, can menghasilkan Crystal layer shiny and berkliau. [PRODUCT FUNCTIONS] -Decoration and furniture to complement your home and Office. -Decoration and display the time of the celebration of weddings, Christmas and other happy day -Special gift to sense of joy and hope for the family, friends and relatives. [Size] Price: 2,700,000 USD. Size: 87 * 86 * 115 mm [PACKING]: Safety Box Papper Bag Red Ribbon (optional) Crystal Craft ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Special shape of stonework (CUSTOM_MADE). for example: sculpture (figure) of the company's products, wedding gift, display homes, etc. ** More info: Ruko Graha Boulevard Blog KGC/C 05 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara. Fast Response: Monday-Saturday (09.00-17.00 GMT)